** "Go Wild" Self-titled Debut(1987)

** "Roxbury Drive" Self-titled debut (1995)

** "Live at the Pine's in Padukah Kentucky-Roxbury Drive (1999)

"Even after a year away from my band, Kevin still nailed the tempo's, played dynamically and kept the volume under control. You gotta see his OZZY imitation."
-- Doug Allen ("Doug Allen & The Chicago Mob", May 2007)
Band Leader

"(Kevin) is one of the only few drummers I have met that can start and end a song in the same tempo without a click-track."
-- Rich Michaels ("Whisky Road Band", April 2006)
Band Leader?

"A Master Drummer"
-- Todd Sonnenburg ("Roxbury", May, 2005)
Band Leader, and Studio Owner

"After auditioning many drummers, Kevin was the only one that could play with a click-track. In addition, Kevin came prepared and keeps us all laughing."
-- Jacob Simmons (Brave New World June 2007)
Band Leader

"With only two rehearsals, Kevin did a great job for BNW. We had compliments all weekends. Kevin plays with confidence."
-- Natalie Simmons Brave New World, June 2007
Band Leader

"Roxbury Drive was a pleasure to work with. You must hear Kevin's impersonation of Paul Lynde"

-- Dennis Morgan (Nashville, June 1995)
Grammy Nominated Songwriter - Little Shop of Morgansongs & The Morgan Music Group. Publisher, Producer, Artist, and Studio Owner.

"Kevin kept us laughing the entire time he was with The Works. Consistent drummer and professional. Ask him to do his impersonation of Michael Richards."

-- Richard Ries ("The Works", 1986) Band Leader

"Kevin played really well at every show."

-- Larry Revier, MLC Band