The "U.S.S. Milton"
(Or for you Mike Portnoy fans: "The Kevin Milton Alwino Monster")

BANDLEADER: The kit shown and parts listed is only for promotional purposes. The exact size of the kit will be determined based on the needs of your material, stage size and transportation accommodations.

Pearl ELX Export Series Drums with Heat compression System Shells. All Drums have the #298 Black Burst finish and toms have I.S.S Mounts

A. 8"x 7" tom
B. 10"x 8" tom
C. 12"x 9" tom
D. 14" x 11" rack-mounted floor tom
E. 16" x 16" rack mounted floor-tom
F. 14" x 5.5" brass snare
G. 10" x 5.5" Firecracker piccolo snare
H. 22" x 18" bass drum (With "+")

CYMBALS: (All Paiste * except)
A. 14" medium hi-hats
B. 13" medium hi-hats (Remote)
C. 20" medium Ride
D. 16" china
E. 14" crash
F. 16" crash
G. 17" crash/ride
H. 18" crash
I. 8" splash
J. 10" splash
K. 12" splash
L. 20" gong
M. 18" Wuhan China*

HEADS: (Remo)
A. Remo Pinstripes on all tom-tom batters, Pearl clears on all the tom-tom bottoms.
B. Powersonic bass drum head, batter Pearl Logo w/ mic port-hole on front.
C. Coater Emperor on snare batter, Pearl SS on bottom.
D. Pearl factory heads on top and bottom of Firecracker snare.

A. Pearl ICON-Series Rack, with Pearl stands.
B. Pearl Roadster Throne with back-rest.
C. Pearl Trap-Table
D. Pearl P-200C Power Shifter Eliminator Double-Bass pedal ("+")
E. Pearl PS-85 Pedal Stablalizer for double bass pedal.
F. Pearl H-2000 Power Shifter Eliminator Hi-Hat
G. Pearl RH-2000 Power Shifter Eliminator Remote Hi-Hat (not pictured).

A. 5-Panel Clearsonic Drum Shield with case.
B. Jells on all toms and cymbals.

A. TAMA Rhythm Watch (For click-track)
B. Expanded Roland V-Club Electronic kit): with 5 PD-6 pads,
2, KD-7 bass-drum pads, one PD-120 snare pad, two-14" CY-15 Crash, one-15-R Ride, one CY-12 H Hi-Hat" TD-6V Controller. One F-D6 Hi-Hat Pedal Two Drum Workshop 7000 pedals. One Sound Percussion Throne.
Gibraltar rack. Stick bag.
C. Roland PM-3 Personal Monitoring System (2-top cans with one 18" sub-bin).

A. Pearl HH4 Isabel Cowbell
B. Pearl 13" Primero
C. Pearl PTM 10GH Tambourine with Quikmount
D. Pearl PLB-20 Clave Block Medium Pitch
E. Pearl PGA-32 Hex Ganza shaker
F. Pearl PPS-20 Mount for pedal cowbell.
G. Pearl PWC-32G Wind Chimes (32 Bar Gold finish)

A. Shure DrumMicKit: 3 SM57’s and one BETA 52A kick mic.
B. 2-MAY-EA external mics.
C. Sennheiser e815 S Vocal mic.

Pro Mark 5A’s and other various mallets, rice sticks and brushes.
All stick products carried in a Yamaha Freestanding Stickbag.

ROAD CASES: Combination of SKB and Humes & Berg Cases.
RISER: Custom-made.
MIXER: Behringer Eurorack UBB1002 10-Input with 2-Bus Mic/Line.
One Houzer 15" X 15" Bar Sink.
One drum carpet.
Miscellaneous mic stands.

Gear Photos
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