Lights of Hope

The Lights of Hope display is seeking a new home. Does your organization need a new way to draw more people to your next holiday fundraiser? The Lights of Hope Display is a 50 (artificial) tree display that has impressed visitors for over 25 years. This display has been featured at several museums, and more recently at the Crosby Mansion (formerly Park House). I charge nothing for the opportunity to host. My reward is an opportunity to have a place to display my trees. You, however, get to reap the financial rewards by charging admission. Call me now to discuss your next holiday event. (612) 670-0883


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"Kevin's 50-tree holiday display was a good draw for Park House last year. People are still talking about it. The local media coverage on KARE 11 and FOX Morning News generated additional interest in our services"

-- Jim Maurer (December, 2006)
Park House Manager and Development Associate.

"Our staff and patients still talk about which tree was their favorite. The display was just beautiful"

-- Shannon December 2006 Park House Coordinator.